Island Health Employee Payroll Deductions

When you make a donation by payroll deduction, each pay period you'll be 
helping Eldercare Foundation to:

  • Raise funds for community programs including SAFE Lifeline, Piercy Respite Hotel, Yakimovich Wellness Centre, Community Bathing and Adult Day Programs
  • Support therapy programs, specialized equipment, and home-like enhancements for residents at Aberdeen, Glengarry, Priory and the Summit

How Payroll Giving Benefits You!

  • Allows you to spread your charitable giving in small amounts across the entire year
  • You're always in control - you can change or stop your gift at any time, simply by contacting Eldercare Foundation
  • You can direct your gift to a specific Eldercare site or program, or allow Eldercare to apply it to the area of greatest need
  • Your donation appears on your T4 slip so you don't have to keep track of receipts throughout the year to get your tax benefits

Thank You for your Payroll Contribution to Eldercare Foundation!

Please Fill in the information below: 

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* Biweekly dollar figures to be withheld every two weeks. Deductions will be continuous and two weeks notice of cancellation is required through Island Health Records and Benefits Department.

Privacy Statement: Eldercare Foundation is committed to protecting the privacy and confidentiality of your personal information. It is used only for Eldercare Foundation's and Island Health's records; to administer your donation and contact you about renewal; to respond to your information requests; to know who our donors are; to send you literature on Eldercare Foundation or invite you to recognition events and information sessions; and to thank you and recognize your gift. We do not share donor lists. We safeguard your personal information; to see our complete privacy policy, please go to

Registered Charity #898816095 RR0001

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